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Why Wait for next PTM, when I have MySchoolApp with me?

Experience a new Wave of Schooling with MySchoolApp from Mfinity - Mobile & Web based UI

Daily Diary Notification

Kids’ diary is made available to you on your web/ mobile devices. No need to open a physical diary.

Always be on top of information about your kid, even before Kid reaches home. This does not end here, you can endorse, approve/ disapprove, ask a question related to a subject from the click of a button.

Track your Child's progress

MySchoolApp provides best in class reporting tools to view and track your kid's progress in day to day/ month on month/ Semester to semester/ Year on year basis.

It also give you analytics related to your kid's strengths, weakness, area of improvement, interest and hence translating into virtual resume for your little one's

Talk to Teacher- Messaging

As a parent, you always want to know and share more and more about your kid's day to day progress.

MySchoolAPP gives you a chance to talk to your kid’s class teacher/ school management on day to day basis using its Messaging Module. Experience as similar to your favorite IM.

Helping teachers being more organized and Interactive

Allows you to be in better control of information, anytime/ anywhere. Say goodbye to old style of paper based teaching. Experience unique features of MySchoolApp specially designed for new generation teachers.

Leave and Attendance Management

MySchoolApp allows teachers to approve/ disapprove kids leaves, mark attendance for the day, apply for their own leaves and review the attendance snapshots using their most widely used Mobile and web clients.

Real time Messaging with Co-staff and Parents

Simpler and highly user friendly way for teachers to talk to their peers and parents eliminating the need of unnecessary meetings for routine discussions.

Turn your schooling experience in to brand experience

Share news, showcase world class infrastructure, state of the art facilities, detail about the upcoming events and be more and more interactive with parents

Notes are communicated securely by school staff to the parent via our mobile app, removing frustrations of notes being returned late or not at all.

Help create a brand by empowering the parents with information flow on the fly by the use of Mobile and Web Technologies.

Frees up the time of school staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions

Schooling at the touch of a button

Allow prospective and existing parents to access the day to day schooling information related to their kids using their most common and wildly used gadgets: Mobiles & Tablets

Best in class CMS

Allows school administrators, teachers and back office staff to manage day to day school information and news in a highly simple and convenient manner

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